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Year: 2003
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 75 minutes

It?s autumn 1998 and President Bill Clinton is mired in impeachment proceedings. Of the bipartisan committee investigating the charges, Barney Frank, the first openly gay congressman (D-Mass), is easily the most vocal. In this fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary of that era?and Frank?s part in it?Kenneth Starr?s evasive answers are sliced and diced by the glib, fast-talking Frank. Bob Barr, a Georgia Republican, claims he can?t understand Frank?s fast talk, and committee chairman Henry Hyde knows when he?s been outwitted. Eight years earlier, Frank himself had been reprimanded by Congress for a sex scandal involving a male prostitute. Fueled by the shame of staying in the closet so long, as well as the obvious flailing of the ?right wing of the Republican party,? Frank goes to war for Clinton with nothing more than common sense, disparaging remarks, and a brilliant understanding of power grabs. This should seem dated, but the debates over sexuality, cultural morays and ?the homosexual agenda,? are as fresh as today. A courageous documentary about a courageous man, this film is a must-see for those who didn?t believe Hilary Clinton when she said the impeachment was a ?right-wing conspiracy.?

Bart Everly

Bart Everly

Bart Everly

Bart Everly

David Dawkins

Principal Cast
Barney Frank, Henry Hyde, Bob Barr, Maxine Waters, President Bill Clinton

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