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Year: 2004
Run Time: 120 minutes

Independent Exposure X - 10 years of Microcinema International

2005 marks the 10th Anniversary of Microcinema International's Independent Exposure screening program! Since 1996, Independent Exposure has presented over 1300 international short films and videos to audiences in 43 countries plus Antarctica. Independent Exposure X is a special retrospective of the past ten years featuring 28 shorts from 8 countries. The films and videos, ranging from animation to documentary and experimental to music video, exemplify the truly independent and excessively creative talent of the emerging artists we have presented over the years. Curated by Joel S. Bachar and Patrick Kwiatkowski of Microcinema International.

Artists featured:

Alfonso Alvarez, USA

David Liban, USA

Dave Johnston, Ireland

Sue McNally, USA

Jennifer Reeder, USA

Steve Whitehouse, CANADA

Chihcheng Peng, USA

Jim Haverkamp and Brett Ingram, USA

Shizuko Tabata, Japan

Norma V Toraya, USA

John Benson and Ward Evans, USA

Brett Simon, USA

Scott Kravitz, USA

Stephen Statler, USA

Stephen Arthur, CANADA


Modi, USA

Lisa Shannon, USA

Kasumi, USA

Evan Mather, USA

Sheridan Shindruk, CANADA

Dustin Woehrmann, USA

Jessica Grynberg, AUSTRALIA

Barbel Neubauer, GERMANY

Wes Kim, USA

Lev, USA

Martin Wallace, UNITED KINGDOM

Mark O'Connell, USA

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