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Year: 2004
Country: NORWAY
Language: Norwegian
Run Time: 103 minutes

A romantic drama with hints of comedy, MONSTERTHURSDAY is set in the surfer scene of remote, coastal Stavanger, Norway. Young Karen is pregnant with Tord?s child, and they plan a wedding with Tord?s best friend, Even, as the best man. Trouble is, Even?s been in love with Karen for a long time, a secret he has kept under wraps. Tord is handsome, career-driven and a master surfer, while Even isn?t any of that. Soon after the wedding, though, Tord goes on a ?business trip? with his surfboard tucked under his arm, instructing Even to take care of Karen. As the trimesters fly by, Tord is AWOL, and Even and Karen are becoming closer. Her feelings are as chaotic as the waves off the coast. The forces of nature are rising, and Monsterthursday is on its way.

Gro Elin Hjelle, Arlid ?stin Ommundsen

Arlid Ostin Ommundsen

Ingrid Fest?y Ottesen

Trond H?ines

Erik Andersson

Principal Cast
Vegar Hoel, Silje Salomonsen, Andreas Cappelen, Christian Skolmen, Kim Bodnia

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