Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021

(Mein Bruder Ist Ein Hund)


Year: 2004
Country: GERMANY
Run Time: 96 minutes

Young Marietta doesn?t know to ?be careful what you wish for.? Desperate to have a dog, and tired of tending to her little brother, Marietta takes the first chance she gets to make her wish come true. Marietta?s father is a flighty man so involved with his slick, experimental vehicle called the Eco-Mobile that he forgets to come home, and misses her birthday. Her mother is frustrated with her father, and when they leave on a vacation without the kids, Marietta?s disappointment grows: She is left with goofy Tobias and her stern grandmother who doesn?t like children ? or dogs. That?s when she uses the wishing rock her friend sent from Africa, and trades in her brother for a cute little white dog. To complicate matters, the dog, called Toby, catches the eye of an advertising executive and Toby becomes a TV star. With only days left before her parents return, Marietta must undo everything, including a daring rescue of Toby from a TV studio and a suddenly unresponsive rock. A sweet film, MY BROTHER? proves that children don?t always need cartoons to be entertained.

Thomas Springer

Peter Timm

Thomas Springer, Helmut G. Weber

Achim Poulheim

Barbara Hennings

Principal Cast
Maria Ehrich, Irm Hermann, Christine Neubauer, Martin Lindow, Gary Lewis

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