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Year: 2004
Country: GERMANY
Language: German
Run Time: 111 minutes

Berlin, 1942. Young Friedrich doesn?t know it, but he?s perfect Aryan material. A na?ve boy with a great physique from boxing, Friedrich takes care of his little brother, and respects his parents. But when a headmaster from one of the elite Nazi schools sees him box, he convinces Friedrich to sign on?against his father?s wishes. At Napola (National-Political Institutes of Learning), the students endure a rugged and rigid education of warfare instruction, training Hitler wanted for a ?ruthless, commanding, fearless, savage youth? who would move on to be future fuhrers. Friedrich thrives through grit and muscle, but his bunkmates and best friend, Albrecht, don?t fare so well. Albrecht is not warrior material; he?s in the school because his father is a high-ranking Nazi. As Friedrich watches the brutality surrounding him, his zeal is squelched, and when he seeks retribution for a tragedy involving Albrecht, the response is nasty and quick. Director Dennis Gansel based the film on the experiences of his grandfather, Peter Fritz Gansel. Beautifully shot in tones of steely blue, with atmospheric music by Angelo Badalamenti.

Dennis Gansel, Maggie Peren

Dennis Gansel

Molly von Fuerstenberg, Viola J?ger, Harold K?gler

Torsten Breuer

Jochen Retter

Principal Cast
Max Riemelt, Tom Schilling, Devid Striesow, Joachim Bi?meier, Justus von Dohn?nyi, Michael Shenk, Florian Stetter, Alexander Held

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