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Year: 2003
Language: Korean
Run Time: 119 minutes

Revenge drives the main characters in OLDBOY to commit outrageous acts. In a sweeping drama reminiscent of Greek and Shakespearean tragedy, we meet Oh Daesu during an epic alcoholic rage where he?s tearing up a police station. The next thing he knows, he?s locked in a prison-like room where he remains for 15 years. Apparently he killed his wife in a drunken rage, leaving a small daughter behind. He?s periodically drugged and when he?s not, he ?trains? to fight. But most everything in Oh Daesu?s life is a trick. When he?s finally released, he seeks vengeance on his jailer, a cool and canny man name Lee Woo-jin. Oh Daesu meets a younger woman named Mido, and together they take on Lee?s challenge to find out why he was jailed, and more importantly -- why he was released ? in five days. Oh Daesu must deeply search his past for some surprising answers. This bloody, over-the-top drama ends in an unforgettable showdown between brawn and brains.

Jo-Yun Hwang, Joon-Hyung Lim, Garon Tsuchiva, Chanwook Park

Chanwook Park

Syd Lin

Chung-Hoon Chung

Sang-beom Kim

Principal Cast
Choi Min-Sik, Yoo Ji-Tae, Gang Hye-Jong

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