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Year: 2004
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 96 minutes

SEXUAL LIFE is a classic sexual roundelay, but nearly none of the encounters is a carefree romp. The married, the nearly married, the dating couple, the office affair, a liaison with a stranger, and sex with a ?professional? all require some negotiation, and there?s always a price to pay. It begins with a cute prostitute named Lorna who services a man named Todd who is dating Sarah who is having an affair with her boss Josh who is married to Gwen who retaliates with a hotel desk clerk named David who is still carrying on with Rosalie who is to be married to Jerry who doesn?t want to get married and confesses to a prostitute named?Lorna. The film takes us into the heads of the characters, like the husband who pretends his wife is a stranger, or the woman who seeks revenge on her boss by having one last quickie. Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler?s ?La Ronde,? SEXUAL LIFE is more about the emotional life surrounding sex than the act itself.

Ken Kwapis

Ken Kwapis

Carol Baum. Ken Aguado

Edward J. Pei

Kathryn Himoff

Principal Cast
Eion Bailey, Elizabeth Banks, Anne Heche, Dul? Hill, James LeGros, Tom Everett Scott, Kerry Washington, Azura Skye

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