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Year: 2004
Country: ITALY
Language: Italian
Run Time: 90 minutes

As in his debut film, "Sailing Home," Vincenzo Marra uses nonprofessional actors and a restrained yet fluid style to tell the story of an unlucky Italian family. Lodged in the depressed working-class neighborhood of Naples, there isn?t much of a future for 18-year-old Vincenzo Pacilli or his sister. Their father is in poor health, and their mother works non-stop as a seamstress and fends off the landlord trying to evict them. After a brief foray into crime, Vincenzo joins the army, but it brings him no satisfaction and takes him away from the family. A stint in Kosovo in 1999 will change Vincenzo?s life forever. Marra?s filmmaking is firmly in the realist tradition; many of his scenes are wordless, the drama freighted by bursts of sound or soundless vistas. You won?t believe that Vincenzo Pacilli is a nonprofessional actor?his quiet intensity keeps the film?s tension without slipping into melodrama.

Gina Neri

Vincenzo Marra

Tilde Corsi, Gianni Romoli

Fabio Lamarian

Luca Benedetti

Principal Cast
Vincenzo Pacilli, Edoardo Melone, Francesco Giuffrida, Giovanna Ribera

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