Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square


Year: 2004
Country: IRAQ, USA
Language: English, Arabic, Kurdish
Run Time: 80 minutes

What happens when you give 150 lightweight digital cameras to people in Iraq, ask them to take a bunch of footage, and then pass the camera on? You get 400 hours of images shot from April to September, 2003. A concept formulated by three Americans?Eric Manes, Martin Kunert, and Archie Drury?this absorbing film could have infinite outcomes. But as edited down to 80 minutes and featuring a ?cast? of hundreds, certain patterns emerge. Criticism aimed at the U.S. isn?t as widespread as one would think; hatred of Saddam Hussein is universal; and kids will be kids. We see dance routines, family gatherings, and monologues, as well as tales of torture endured by those who lived to tell them. Shot in kitchens, cars, and cafes, VOICES OF IRAQ provides a view of that land not ever seen on the nightly news.

Archie Drury, Martin Kunert, Eric Manes

Eric Manes, Archie Drury, Martin Kunert

People of Iraq

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