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Year: 2004
Country: CANADA
Language: English
Run Time: 99 minutes

You are entering Wilby, population 4200. Everyone knows everyone else in this small Canadian island town, a problem when a scandal is about to break in the local newspaper. The story unfolds in a single day, during which one man?s suicide attempts are thwarted, an uptight real estate agent hopes to sell a house to the corrupt mayor, her cop husband flirts with another woman who is fighting with her teenage daughter, while the local handyman observes and helps out where he can. This is a true ensemble effort with noted Canadian actors Sandra Oh, Maury Chaykin, James Allodi, Paul Gross, Rebecca Jenkins, Callum Keith Rennie and, Ellen Page. Not everything is wonderful in a day in the life of Wilby, but the film boasts a refreshing, old-fashioned way of telling a story.

Daniel MacIvor

Daniel MacIvor

Camelia Frieberg

Rudolf Blahacek

Mike Munn

Principal Cast
James Allodi, Maury Chaykin, Paul Gross, Rebecca Jenkins, Sandra Oh, Ellen Page, Callum Keith Rennie, Daniel MacIvor

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