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Year: 2003
Country: DENMARK
Language: Danish
Run Time: 90 minutes

There is magic and mystery afoot in the stable where Zafir lives. Zafir is a great black beauty of a horse, one that was spooked in a tragic accident. Since the accident, Anna, a young rider in training, has set her sights on learning how to ride the skittish Zafir. Her parents, however, think the horse should be sold. Other riders in Anna?s riding school are frightened of Zafir, and call him a ghost horse. But there is one person who can calm Zafir, a runaway kid named Sharbat, who is alone and far from home. Sharbat secretly takes Zafir out of the stable and works the horse with a magical touch. When Anna finds out, she and Sharbat conspire to calm the horse and teach Anna how to ride him in an upcoming race. In the meantime, people are searching for Sharbat, who has big secrets, Anna gets reprimanded by both her parents and her riding coach, and Zafir runs away. Will the horse be hurt on the nearby highway? Will Anna get to ride in the race? And what will become of Sharbat, who is clearly an outsider? Horse lovers of all ages can cheer for these riders on their different quests. (In Danish with English subtitles.)

Malene Vilstrup, Hans Hansen

Malene Vilstrup

Sarita Christensen

Lars Beyer

Miriam Norgard

Principal Cast
Rose Marie Hermannsen, Katrine Schnoor, Henrik Lykkegaard, Claus Bue, Charlotte Munksgaard, Pernille Hojmark

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