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Year: 2006
Country: USA
Run Time: 65 minutes

The seven million JehovahÝs Witnesses in the world are frequently the target of public ridicule. Their unique method of sharing their rigid beliefs is considered annoying, intrusive, and backwards. They openly oppose abortion, gay marriage, and blood transfusions. Yet they are responsible for some of the most progressive advancements in both science and human rights. KNOCKING follows the stories of two very different Witnessesˇ23-year-old suburbanite Seth Thomas and Holocaust survivor Joseph Kempler. After rejecting the blood transfusion once considered necessary for liver transplants, Thomas risks his life to undergo an experimental bloodless surgery. Kempler, originally Jewish, became a JehovahÝs Witness after observing their faith in a Nazi concentration camp. At the time, JehovahÝs Witnesses were some of the first to speak out against Nazism and to demand the constitutional right to conscientiously object the war. KNOCKING is narrated by co-director Joel P. Engardio. (In English, German, and Polish with English subtitles) ˝E.J.B.

Joel P. Engardio

Joel P. Engardio, Tom Shepard

Joel P. Engardio, Tom Shepard

Howard Shack

Jim Klein

Principal Cast
Joseph Kempler, Seth Thomas, Lillian Gobitas

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