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Big Dreams Little Tokyo

Year: 2006
Country: United States
Language: English, Japanese
Run Time: 83 minutes

Big Dreams Little Tokyo

Meet Boyd Wilson, card-carrying businessman. Boyd has almost completely assimilated to Japanese culture: he speaks fluent Japanese; he has mastered the use of chopsticks; and he doesn't squirm at the sight of a raw fish carcass at dinner. But Boyd doesn't live in Japan, he lives in California. An overeager entrepreneur, he cycles around Japantown trying to sell his book "The Power of Words" to anyone who looks even remotely Asian. With few takers, Boyd supplements his meager income by teaching Japanese to his live-in student Jerome, a Japanese-American aspiring to be a sumo wrestler. Just shy of making the weight limit for sumo school, Jerome constantly eats and rarely moves, much to the dismay of Boyd. When Jerome overeats himself into the hospital, Boyd meets Mai, a cute Japanese nurse in need of some extra (English) lessons. As Boyd's dreams get bigger, cross-cultural follies ensue. Writer/director/actor Dave Boyle delivers effortless comedy in the entirely unique BIG DREAMS LITTLE TOKYO. (In English and Japanese with English subtitles) – E.J.B.

CIFF31 Screenings

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 9:15 PM

  • This screening has been cancelled.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at 2:00 PM

  • This screening has been cancelled.

David Boyle

Dave Boyle

Duane Anderson, Megan Boyle

Bill Otto

Duane Anderson, Scott Hurst

Principal Cast
David Boyle, Jayson Watabe, Rachael Morihiro, Pepe Serna

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