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The Memsahib

Year: 2005
Country: INDIA, USA
Language: Hindi, English
Run Time: 101 minutes

The Memsahib

THE MEMSAHIB is an unusual film, a costume drama/love story set in 1850's India and a modern mystery. Grace Roberts is a free-spirited young Englishwoman just arriving at a lavish palace in Begampur to begin her new married life with benevolent rajah Jayant Rathod. Ignoring the advice of many who wish her to remain a traditional Indian queen, Grace begins teaching local children at the beautiful and mysterious town well. Dedicated to each other, Grace and Jayant are optimistic that their love will help them bridge their personal difficulties and the political challenges of their respective countries. Meanwhile, disloyal friends scheme to destroy the fated couple and everything they're working for… One hundred fifty years later, a recently-divorced young English student arrives on holiday at the same palace in Begampur. Intrigued by a mysterious caretaker who supposedly never leaves the building, she comes to find her new surroundings frighteningly familiar. Kruti Majmudar, the Indian-American director of THE MEMSAHIB, weaves a powerful spell using vivid colors, gorgeous costumes, and a mix of traditional and pop Indian music. - B.B.

CIFF31 Screenings

Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 7:15 PM

  • This screening has been cancelled.

Friday, March 23, 2007 at 1:45 PM

  • This screening has been cancelled.

Kruti Majmudar

Kruti Majmudar

Kruti Majmudar, Dana Offenbach

Rajen Kothari

Umesh Gupta

Principal Cast
Glenn Fitzgerald, Parvin Dabas, Emily Hamilton

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