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Looking For Eric

Year: 2009
Language: English, French
Run Time: 116 minutes

Looking For Eric
Looking For Eric
Looking For Eric
Looking For Eric
Looking For Eric

When's the last time you were happy? If your name is Eric Bishop, it's been too long. A middle-aged, twice divorced British mailman who lives with his two ungrateful stepsons, Eric has a lot of regrets. His biggest is leaving his first wife Lily whose name he can barely say aloud. When his daughter needs help from both Eric and Lily to look after her baby, the estranged two must meet for the first time in nearly three decades. In order to help himself cope with the anxiety and apprehension that accompanies these meetings, Eric makes an imaginary friend out of his real-life idol, the great Eric Cantona, former soccer all-star of Manchester United. He becomes Eric's companion who guides him through his crises, quoting proverbs and giving Gandhi-like advice. The presence of both Cantona and Lily in Eric's life makes him a better man, a man who cleans his house, stands up to his unruly stepsons, and occasionally shaves. Just when things seem to be turning around for Eric, however, his problems escalate to a new level. Ryan, the elder of Eric's stepsons, is a troubled kid who is in deep with the wrong kind of people. Eric must find a way to get Ryan out of the potentially lethal deal he has made with them in order to protect his family and finally live a happier life. LOOKING FOR ERIC is a film about second chances and the importance of repairing relationships. With this film, Ken Loach uses his unique realist directing style to create a clever and surprising dark comedy that documents the self-realization of a tormented, yet lovable and memorable, character. – M.M.

CIFF34 Screenings

Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 7:00 PM

Paul Laverty

Ken Loach

Ken Loach was born in 1937 in England. He initially worked as an actor in repertory theatre, but in the early 1960s moved into television direction. He is known for his socialist beliefs, which are evident in his film treatment of social issues such as homelessness and labour rights.

"Riff Raff" (1990), "Bread and Roses" (2000) - 25th CIFF, "Sweet Sixteen" (2002) - 27th CIFF, "Ae Fond Kiss" (2004), "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" (2006), LOOKING FOR ERIC (2009)

Rebecca O'Brien

Barry Ackroyd

Principal Cast
Steve Evets, Eric Cantona, Stephanie Bishop, Gerard Kearns, Stefan Gumbs, Lucy-Jo Hudson, Cole Williams, Dylan Williams

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