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The Big Gay Musical

Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 90 minutes

The Big Gay Musical
The Big Gay Musical
The Big Gay Musical
The Big Gay Musical
The Big Gay Musical

Do you love the thought of THE BIG GAY MUSICAL? Cute Broadway stars with powerful voices? Drama queens in tight pink t-shirts? Tap-dancing angels in teeny-tiny shorts? If so, this movie might be your heaven on earth. Casper Andreas, director of last year's "Between Love and Goodbye," together with co-director Fred M. Caruso, lets out all the stops in this wonderfully campy, yet decidedly tender, musical comedy. As Paul and Eddie begin previews for the new Off-Broadway musical, "Adam & Steve, Just the Way God Made 'Em," their lives strangely mirror those of the characters they're playing. Eddie hasn't come out yet to his religious parents, who are en route to see the show. Paul is distressed by his inability to find a fairy-tale, monogamous lover. Meanwhile, the show lampoons religious intolerance toward gays, featuring a retelling of Genesis, scolding televangelists, and a summer camp that aims to turn gay kids straight. During the course of the big production numbers, everyone realizes that life is more beautiful once they accept themselves for who they are – just the way God made 'em. – B.B.

CIFF34 Screenings

Friday, March 19, 2010 at 2:20 PM

Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 7:00 PM

Fred M. Caruso

Fred M. Caruso

Casper Andreas studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute for two years and then went on to perform in many Off-Broadway plays. Fred M. Caruso began working in the entertainment industry at six years old. Since then he has acted in productions in over 40 states.

Casper Andreas: "Slutty Summer" (2004), "A Four Letter Word" (2007) – 32nd CIFF, "Between Love & Goodbye" (2008) – 33rd CIFF, THE BIG GAY MUSICAL (2009); Fred M. Caruso: THE BIG GAY MUSICAL (2009)

Casper Andreas, Fred M. Caruso

Jon Fordham

Alex Hammar

Principal Cast
Daniel Robinson, Joey Dudding, Jeff Metzler, Liz McCartney

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North Coast Men's Chorus

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