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The Last Days of Emma Blank
(De Laatste Dagen van Emma Blank)

Year: 2009
Language: Dutch
Run Time: 90 minutes

The Last Days of Emma Blank
The Last Days of Emma Blank
The Last Days of Emma Blank

Looming like a giant blot on nature, there's a tar-colored mansion in the dunes of the Dutch North Sea. There, cut off from civilization as well as any sense of reality, a group of sullen servants waits hand and foot upon a despicable tyrant with the no-nonsense name of Emma Blank. Emma Blank has come to the black house to die, and she demands that everyone cater to her every last whim. They must cook incredible delicacies on short notice and stand at attention as she dines alone; they must mix her paints and hold them out for her attentively. Emma Blank insists that her butler grow a mustache overnight and that one servant act the role of family dog. Gradually the relationships among these put-upon servants become clear, explaining why they all can't wait for Emma to get her dying over with. THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK is as dark as comedies come, a hilarious and unsettling meditation on mind games and family power struggles. (In Dutch with subtitles) – B.B.

CIFF34 Screenings

Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 4:45 PM

Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 9:20 PM

Alex van Warmerdam

Alex van Warmerdam

Alex van Warmerdam is a screenwriter, director, actor, and painter. He has co-founded two theater groups, one of which is called "The Mexican Dog."

"Abel" (1986), "The Northerners" (1992), "The Dress" (1996), "Little Tony" (1998), "Grimm" (2003), "Waiter" (2006), THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK (2009)

Marc van Warmerdam

Tom Erisman

Job Ter Burg

Principal Cast
Marlies Heuer, Gene Bervoets, Annet Malherbe, Eva van de Wijdeven, Gijs Naber, Alex van Warmerdam, Marwan Kenzari

Film Contact

SAMANTHA and YOPLAIT are sponsoring this film for PENNY CAMPBELL in appreciation of her wonderful care. They are wondering if she will take them to t

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