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Antarctica: A Year on Ice


Year: 2013
Run Time: 92 minutes

Antarctica: A Year on Ice
Antarctica: A Year on Ice
Antarctica: A Year on Ice
Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Nature photographer Anthony Powell spent ten years making his documentary ANTARCTICA: A YEAR ON ICE. It was so cold he had to build a special camera to withstand the frigid temperatures. Because of this, he was also able to capture the continent's pitch-black winter with a precision that no one else could. Before now, most depictions of Antarctica were shown through the lens of its less scary summers. This gorgeous film observes the harsh region from all angles, whether it's adorable penguins or terrifying ice storms. Rather than just focusing on the environmental aspects, Powell goes to the people. As he follows the everyday functions of workers from the many research stations, we're able to see what it's like to live in such extreme conditions and the effect it has on their mental state. Amidst the darkness, Powell manages to maintain a sense of humour and positivity that embodies the enduring spirit of the people who reside there. Other than braving it yourself, you'll never get a better look at Antarctica than this. —E.F.

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Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell is a photographer and filmmaker from New Zealand. He specializes in time-lapse imagery. His work has appeared on the BBC Emmy award-winning series Frozen Planet and in the pages of National Geographic.


Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell

Simon Price

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