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Here Was Cuba


Year: 2013
Country: IRELAND
Run Time: 78 minutes

Here Was Cuba
Here Was Cuba
Here Was Cuba
Here Was Cuba

Fifty years later, HERE WAS CUBA explores the intensely tricky political predicament that was The Cuban Missile Crisis. Back then, communication was still primitive – which meant that, even in the most urgent times, world leaders had to depend on telegraphs and couriers to carry their messages. When the Kennedy administration found out the Soviets secretly installed missiles in Cuba, it spiraled into a 14-day altercation that literally could have ended the world as we know it. Messages between the White House and Nikita Khrushchev were confounding at best and agitated even more by an anxious Fidel Castro. In the end, we narrowly escaped an apocalypse. But gratitude isn't only due to Kennedy for his cautious and thoughtful handling of the situation. Khrushchev also demonstrated similar qualities and sacrificed his public reputation for the greater good of mankind by agreeing to America's discreet conditions. This engrossing documentary explores the debacle from all sides, featuring fascinating interviews and extremely rare footage. It's a powerful reminder of just how close the world came to facing nuclear annihilation. (In English, Russian, and Spanish with subtitles) —E.F.

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Documentary Features
Recommended for Middle School +

Nesnadny + Schwartz Portrait Documentary Competition

Emer Reynolds, John Murray

Emer Reynolds and John Murray are documentary filmmakers from Ireland. Reynolds works as an editor and director and has been in the industry since the early 90s. Her credits also include television shows including Shameless. Murray has been producing and directing since 2003 and is the Managing Director at Crossing the Line Productions.

"Three Men Go To War" (2012), HERE WAS CUBA (2013)

John Murray, Siobhán Ward

Kate McCullough

Emer Reynolds

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This film is presented with the generous support of the THOMAS J. COLTMAN FOUNDATION.

This film is presented with the generous support of LYNN GOTTLOB.

This film is presented with the generous support of HARVEY LABOVITZ.

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