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Palestine Stereo
(Falastine Stereo)


Year: 2013
Run Time: 90 minutes

Palestine Stereo
Palestine Stereo
Palestine Stereo
Palestine Stereo

Sami and Stereo are Palestinian brothers trying to rebound after a tragic event. Israelis, attempting to take out a terrorist in Stereo's apartment building, set off bombs that killed Stereo's wife and rendered Sami deaf and mute. For Stereo, immense guilt follows. He wasn't home at the time and, besides the psychological trauma, went unscathed. Tired of the violence and hoping they can seek advanced treatment for Sami, they decide to leave. But before they can, they must raise $10,000 in order to enter Canada. Stereo had sworn off his former life as a wedding singer, due to his fragile emotional state. But for the sake of their future, he starts booking gigs at weddings, funerals, and even political rallies. Sami, a former sound engineer, helps out. As they witness the passion of the protesters, they begin to question their choice to move. Should they instead stay and defend their homeland? Told through the story of intensely loyal brothers, Rashid Masharawi's PALESTINE STEREO is a harsh glimpse at Palestinian life under occupation. (In Arabic with subtitles) —E.F.

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Recommended for High School +



Rashid Masharawi

Rashid Masharawi is an award-winning Palestinian filmmaker who was born in the Gaza Strip in 1962. He grew up in a Shati refugee camp. In 1996 he started the Cinema Production and Distribution Centre in Ramallah to help promote Palestinian films.

"Curfew" (1994), "Haifa" (1996), "Stress" (1998), "Ticket To Jerusalem" (2002), "Live From Palestine" (2003), "Arafat, My Brother" (2005), "Waiting" (2005), "Laila's Birthday" (2008), "Little Wings" (2009), "Land Of The Story" (2012), PALESTINE STEREO (2013)

Habib Attia, Abdel Salam Abu Askar, Rashid Masharawi

Rashid Masharawi

Tarek Ben Abdallah

Pascale Chavance

Principal Cast
Mahmoud Abu Jazi, Salah Hannoun, Areen Omari, Maisa Abd Elhadi

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