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The Kill Team


Year: 2013
Country: USA
Run Time: 79 minutes

The Kill Team

In 2010, stories of an Army infantry murdering Afghani civilians for sport dominated the news here at home. And in Dan Krauss’ documentary we get unprecedented access to some of the members of the platoon dubbed “The Kill Team.” Focusing on Spc. Adam Winfield and his struggles as a whistleblower among killers, THE KILL TEAM takes audiences into the gripping tales of the training, false bravado, and premeditated planning that went into targeting and executing three innocent Afghanis. With interviews of team members, lawyers, and family members, THE KILL TEAM unveils the ugly side of war and how boredom and directionless leadership can influence young men who are constantly being wrongly told what it means to be a man and a soldier. This is not an anti-soldier film. This is an exposé of one of the many horrors of the longest war in U.S. history. It is a shocking look at how our government has completely and utterly bungled a mission to bring peace to a region, and instead has brought chaos and mass destruction. It is the men and women of both sides who are suffering the consequences. —T.W.

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Dan Krauss

Dan Krauss is a lecturer at UC Berkeley where he also earned his Master's Degree. He's worked as cinematographer on dozens of documentaries and was nominated for an Academy Award for directing the short doc "The Death of Kevin Carter." THE KILL TEAM has won several awards, including at the Warsaw Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and San Francisco International Film Festival.


Linda Davis, Dan Krauss

Dan Krauss

Lawrence Lerew

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