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The Starfish Throwers


Year: 2014
Country: USA, INDIA
Run Time: 83 minutes

The Starfish Throwers

Here are three of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Thirteen-year-old Katie planted a single cabbage seed for a school project and created a national movement with over 50 gardens producing food to feed the hungry. Narayanan was a top chef in India who now prepares and delivers hundreds of meals to the poor, every day of the year. Finally, there is Mr. Law, a retired teacher who hasn't slept in a bed in 13 years. Each night he drives the streets in Minneapolis delivering thousands of sandwiches and essential articles to the homeless. This documentary shows us not only the good these people do, but also chronicles the often extraordinary costs to themselves and their families. They are THE STARFISH THROWERS, who toss the stranded creatures on the beach back into the sea one-by-one, making what difference they can. For anyone who thinks one person can't have much impact on a big problem, here are three powerful and inspiring examples of what a single act can do. —C.R.

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Jesse Roesler

Jesse Roesler is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker whose work has been screened at SXSW Film Festival and Current TV. A cinematographer, writer, editor, and director, THE STARFISH THROWERS is his first feature-length film.


Melody Gilbert, Jesse Roesler

Jesse Roesler, Victor Rukavina

Bill Kersey

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