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Walesa. Man of Hope
(Wałęsa. Czlowiek z nadziei)


Year: 2013
Country: POLAND
Run Time: 128 minutes

Walesa. Man of Hope
Walesa. Man of Hope
Walesa. Man of Hope
Walesa. Man of Hope

We all know the name and legacy of Lech Walesa, who rose from being a shipyard worker to the President of Poland and became a Nobel Prize winning warrior for equality and fairness. But do we know the actual man and the very real hardships he endured to become what he was? Award-winning director Andrzej Wajda mixes archival footage and stunning re-enactments to bring the lengend back to life. Through Robert Wieckiewicz's uncanny and perceptive performance as Walesa, a real man of light and dark emerges—flawed and fearless. We see the passion, arrogance, and love for his family that would not permit him to stand by and watch his countrymen suffer brutal oppression and deprivation. As events escalate and the Solidarity movement grows into an unstoppable force, we are witness to just how this remarkable man altered the course of history. Superb cinematography and vibrant pacing make these world-changing events fresh and real. Combining harsh realism and moments of quiet intimacy, WALESA. MAN OF HOPE is a cinematic biography worthy of the man it portrays. (In Polish and Italian with subtitles) —C.R.

CIFF38 Screenings

Tower City Cinemas

Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Recommended for High School +

George Gund III Memorial Central and Eastern European Film Competition

Andrzej Wajda

Andrzej Wajda was born in 1926 in Poland. He survived World War II in Nazi-occupied Poland and later joined the resistance. After studying film in the early 50s, he went on to produce one of the most honored and impressive filmographies in world cinema. Among the many awards he has received are the Palme D'Or at Cannes, the European Film Award, and the Golden Globe for Best European Film. In 2000 he was presented with an Honorary Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®.

(Selected Filmography) "Ashes and Diamonds" (1958), "Man of Iron" (1981), "Danton" (1983)—8th CIFF, "Les Possedes" (1988), "Pan Tadeusz: The Last Foray In Lithuania" (1999), "The Revenge" (2002), "Katyn" (2007)—32nd CIFF, WALESA. MAN OF HOPE (2013)

Michal Kwiecinski

Janusz Glowacki

Pawel Edelman

Grazyna Gradon, Milenia Fiedler

Principal Cast
Robert Wieckiewicz, Agnieszka Grochowska, Maria Rosaria Omaggio

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Polish-American Cultural Center

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