Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021

Alfred & Jakobine

Year: 2014
Run Time: 74 minutes

Alfred & Jakobine
Alfred & Jakobine
Alfred & Jakobine
Alfred & Jakobine

For nearly 60 years, an old, dilapidated London taxi has been in Alfred’s possession. It hasn’t worked for several decades, but 84-year-old Alfred can’t seem to part with it. In the late 1950s, he and Jakobine, an artist and his wife at the time, used the car to travel around the globe. Their burning passion for each other fueled their journey from Japan to Morocco, India, Tibet, and numerous other faraway locales. But that passion dwindled when the couple settled in Syracuse, New York, and Jakobine became desperate to have a child. After Jakobine, at 42, gave birth to their son Niels, Alfred left his family and resumed life on the road. This documentary uses archival footage and Jakobine’s diaries to reveal the former lovers’ past. The poetic and touching ALFRED & JAKOBINE then follows Alfred in a grand gesture—restoring the taxi to working order and driving over 2,000 miles across the country—to take Jakobine on one final ride. – E.B.

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Nesnadny + Schwartz Portrait Documentary Competition

Jonathan Howells, Tom Roberts

Canadian director Jonathan Howells lives in London, England, where he co-created the multipurpose creative agency Dinnick & Howells. ALFRED & JAKOBINE, which took Howells seven years to make, is his first feature film. Tom Roberts, founder of October Films, has been involved in over 20 acclaimed feature and television documentaries.


Rob Fletcher

Rollo Hollins

Paul Carlin

Film Contact

This film is presented with the generous support of CHRIS S. W. and LAURA WATILO BLAKE.

Film Sponsor

La Familia Watilo Blake

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