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Year: 2014
Country: United States
Run Time: 97 minutes

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In the spirit of such great mockumentaries as “Best in Show” and “This is Spinal Tap,” director, star, and Cleveland native Lance Kinsey brings together an outstanding group of comedy giants for ALL-STARS. This look at the trials and tribulations of a girls softball season culminates into players being selected for an all-star team. Also starring fellow Cleveland natives Fred Willard and Miriam Flynn, along with Richard Kind, Angela Kinsey, Mike Hagerty, Christian Kane, Illeana Douglas, and enough comedians to field several softball teams, this film that never misses a pitch and connects on every joke. Lampooning the state of youth sports today, ALL-STARS hilariously introduces us to the parents, league officials, and umpires who put themselves and their agendas above the very ten-year-old players they’re supposed to be caring for. If you’ve ever been anywhere near a youth softball field, you’ve met these characters. If you’ve been to a youth softball field and don’t recognize these people, then you are a character in this film. Like a day at the park, where everyone is a capable idiot, this film is a home run of a comedy. –T.W.

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Lance Kinsey

Lance Kinsey is an actor who has been in dozens of comedy films and is best known as Proctor from the "Police Academy" films. Raised in Chagrin Falls, he got the idea for ALL-STARS from coaching his own daughter's softball teams, and he would love to be asked if being so good looking has been a burden.

ALL-STARS (2014)

Lance Kinsey, James Portolese

Lance Kinsey

Carmen Cabana

Sherril Schlesinger

Principal Cast
Fred Willard, Miriam Flynn, Angela Kinsey, Richard Kind, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Illeana Douglas, Lance Kinsey, Kyle Howard, Seth Morris, Nicole Sullivan, Molly Erdman, Sam Richardson, Christian Kane, Rose Abdoo

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