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Factory Boss
(Da Gong Lao Ban)


Year: 2014
Country: CHINA
Run Time: 104 minutes

Factory Boss
Factory Boss
Factory Boss
Factory Boss

The Dalin Toy Factory is in a state of crisis. There are no current orders, and angry workers are demanding unpaid wages. Owner Mr. Lin will do anything to save his factory, including cutting back on safety updates and equipment repairs. So he makes a desperate deal with an American toy company, contracting a low-profit job with a fast deadline that threatens to drive his workers to the brink. When a reporter goes undercover at Dalin and begins exposing oppressive conditions and safety hazards, things quickly worsen. The deadline is now days away, and the workers have gone on strike. With a stunning performance as the FACTORY BOSS’s Mr. Lin, which won him Best Actor at the 2014 Montréal Film Festival, Yao Anlian heads a powerful cast that takes us deep into China's manufacturing culture, from the workers’ dorms to the executive suite. While everybody's futures rest heavily on his shoulders, Mr. Lin must face the hardest struggle of all: is honor defined by saving a factory or by compassion for those who labor within it? (In Mandarin with subtitles)- C.R.

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Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei was a one-time migrant worker from Hunan Province who gained success making video intercom door systems in the factory town of Shenzhen the location where FACTORY BOSS was shot, using old connections and factory workers as extras.


Zhang Ming

Chen Yang, Wang Bing, Luo Siwei, Sun Haifan, Li Dan, Li Songzhang, Zhang Peng

Lutz Reitemeier

Karl Riedl, Wu Yixiang

Principal Cast
Yao Anlian, Tang Yan, Zhao Ju, Huang Jingyi

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