Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021


Year: 2014
Country: GERMANY
Run Time: 82 minutes

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Bollersville is the belly button of the world. Because its grownups are so 100% average a consumer studies company tests new products there. The grownups love to buy new things like green cornflakes, straight from America. No wonder the kids of Bollersville revolt against the mediocrity of their parents and their yucky lab-produced food and useless stuff. Like the Little Rascals, a band of six adorable tykes, with a helpful pet named FIDDLESTICKS in tow, brings creative chaos to town. These hands-on kindergarteners don’t need to wait to become fire fighters and engineers when they grow up; thanks to their wildly inventive grandparents, they can already operate all kinds of heavy machinery. The kids decide to become inventors, hoping to catapult Bollersville into the 22nd century. But is Bollersville ready for so much excitement? Let’s rate FIDDLESTICKS "KP," for Kiddie Peril. Accidents happen when you try new things, especially when you’re only a kid. (In German with subtitles) – B.B.

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Veit Helmer

Veit Helmer was born in Hanover and made his first short film when he was 14. He studied at the film school in Munich, where he made six shorts that were screened at festivals around the world and garnered many prizes. He works as a screenwriter and producer and teaches at film schools.

"Tuvalu" (1999), "Gate to Heaven" (2003), "Behind the Couch: Casting in Hollywood" (2005), "Absurdistan" (2008), "Baikonur" (2011) – 36th CIFF, FIDDLESTICKS (2014)

Veit Helmer

Hans-Ullrich Krause, Veit Helmer, Temelko Dymek

Felix Leiberg

Vincent Assmann

Principal Cast
Benno Fürmann, Jule Böwe, Rolf Zacher, Alexander Scheer

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