Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021

Heaven Adores You

Year: 2014
Country: United States
Run Time: 104 minutes

Heaven Adores You
Heaven Adores You
Heaven Adores You
Heaven Adores You

"His heart would be broken to know that people discover him and just think that he's super bummed – it was only a small fraction of who he really was.” That's a quote from Dorien Garry, Elliot Smith's former publicist, in HEAVEN ADORES YOU. Her sentiment is shared by director Nickolas Rossi, who focuses his riveting documentary on celebrating Smith's personal and musical accomplishments, rather than zeroing in on the tabloid drama that still surrounds his alleged suicide. It's a refreshing approach that gives fans a deeper look at who he was as a person, told through intimate interviews with his peers and loved ones. What's revealed here is a more balanced view of an ordinary guy who struggled with his demons, but was loved for his generosity, kindness, and sense of humor. The film also dissects Smith's creative career, from his early days in Heatmiser, to his uncomfortable brush with fame, rubbing elbows with Celine Dion at the Academy Awards® for his “Good Will Hunting” song Miss Misery. HEAVEN ADORES YOU is not a film about death. It's a beautiful tribute to the life of one of our generation's most brilliant musicians. – E.F.

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Nickolas Rossi

Nickolas Rossi is a filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois. In addition to being a director, he's an editor, producer, and cinematographer who has worked on such films as "Reality Show" and "The Crooked Eye." Rossi received a B.S. in Sociology from Portland State University.


Nickolas Rossi, Jeremiah Gurzi, Marc Smolowitz, Kevin Moyer

Jeremiah Gurzi, Nickolas Rossi

Nickolas Rossi, Eli Olson

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