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Hip Hop-eration

Year: 2014
Run Time: 93 minutes

Hip Hop-eration
Hip Hop-eration
Hip Hop-eration
Hip Hop-eration

While hip hop dance competitions may be dominated by youthful dancers performing gravity-defying, acrobatic, graceful dance moves, the World Hip Hop Championship is about to get turned on its head … and then spun around. HIP HOP-ERATION is a documentary that follows a group of senior citizens from New Zealand, ranging in age between 68 and 95 years young, looking to perform in the worldwide dance competition. Beginning on their small NZ island, we follow these dancers as they rehearse, raise funds, and recruit for their troupe to get to Las Vegas for the finals. HIP HOP-ERATION is a reminder that age is only a number, but hip hop is several (dance) numbers. As charming as it is uplifting, this film isn’t just about the music or the moves. It’s also about the brave women who comprise the majority of this group and how their lives on this tiny island helped shape the community they are in. Hip hop has always been about trailblazers, and HIP HOP-ERATION introduces us to some of the best as they work to live their dreams and their motto: “RHY – Respect and Honor Youth.” – T.W.

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Bryn Evans

New Zealand-based Bryn Evans is a photographer and a director and writer of documentaries that focus on civil conflict, human rights, and Indigenous issues.

"From Street To Sky" (2008), HIP HOP-ERATION (2014)

Alex Lee, Paula Jones

Bevan Crothers

Peter Roberts

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Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Stocker Arts Center

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