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Our Family
(Bokutachi no Kazoku)

Year: 2014
Country: JAPAN
Run Time: 117 minutes

Our Family
Our Family
Our Family
Our Family

Reiko has been unusually absentminded recently. At lunch she responds to a question long after her two companions have changed the topic of conversation. On her way home, she neglects to pick up her husband Katsuaki from work as planned. And when her eldest son Kosuke telephones to inform his parents of his wife’s pregnancy, Reiko momentarily forgets the news before reporting it to Katsuaki. Although her youngest son Shunpei reassures Reiko that memory loss is a common side effect of old age, Reiko’s incoherent mumbling at dinner with Kosuke and his in-laws prompts the family to take Reiko to a doctor. With subtle poignancy, Yuya Ishii’s OUR FAMILY depicts the many challenges—from sibling rivalry to economic uncertainty—a family must overcome as they learn their mother, diagnosed with brain cancer, may only have a week to live. Still, despite the grim prognosis, Ishii’s film reminds us, as Reiko says repeatedly, “In times like these, smile.” (In Japanese with subtitles) – E.B.

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Pan-Asian Films

Yuya Ishii

A graduate of Osaka University of the Arts and married to Japanese actress and pop singer Hikari Mitsushima, Yuya Ishii has earned numerous international awards since the release of his first feature film in 2006. His film "The Great Passage" (2013) was Japan's official selection for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards®.

"Rebel, Jiro's Love" (2006), "Girl Sparks" (2007), "Of Monster Mode" (2007), "Bare-assed Japan" (2007), "Kimi to Arukou" (2009), "Sawako Decides" (2010), "A Man with Style" (2011), "Mitsuko Delivers" (2011), "The Great Passage" (2013), "The Vancouver Asahi" (2014), OUR FAMILY (2014),

Takuro Nagai

Yuya Ishii

Junichi Fujisawa

Shinichi Fushima

Principal Cast
Satoshi Tsumabuki, Mieko Harada, Sosuke Ikematsu, Kyozo Nagamatsu

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