Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

All About Them
(A trois on y va)

Year: 2015
Country: FRANCE
Run Time: 86 minutes

All About Them
All About Them
All About Them

Charlotte and Micah are in love. They make dinner together, Micah rushes home from his job as a veterinarian to see Charlotte, and the two seem to be edging closer and closer to the prospect of marriage. But Micah is also in love with someone else—a beautiful lawyer by the name of Mélodie. He sneaks off to see her when Charlotte isn’t watching; she spends her day fielding texts from him when she should be working. But little does Micah know… Charlotte and Mélodie are also in love. When Micah is at work, the two women profess their love for each other while anxiously hoping Micah doesn’t come home to discover the truth. ALL ABOUT THEM is a delightful romantic comedy that breathes new life into the term “love triangle.” Though the tension in the plot mounts, the tone of the film never strays from playful and upbeat. P.S. You will definitely leave the theater with a smile on your face. (In French with subtitles) –C.P.

CIFF40 Screenings

Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 4:50 PM

Friday, April 01, 2016 at 9:40 PM

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Jérôme Bonnell

Jérôme Bonnell, born in Paris in 1977, studied filmmaking for two years at the University of Paris VIII. At the age of 22 he launched his professional foray into filmmaking, beginning with two short films and building upon his work to become an internationally acclaimed director.

"Les yeux clairs" (2005), "Waiting for Someone" (2007), "The Queen of Clubs" (2009), "Just a Sigh" (2013), ALL ABOUT THEM (2015)

Edouard Weil

Jérôme Bonnell, Maël Piriou

Pascal Lagriffoul

Julie Dupré

Principal Cast
Anaïs Demoustier, Félix Moati, Sophie Verbeeck, Patrick D'Assumçao

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