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Every Face Has a Name

Year: 2015
Country: SWEDEN
Run Time: 73 minutes

Every Face Has a Name
Every Face Has a Name
Every Face Has a Name

In April 1945 thousands of refugees arrived by boat in Malmo, Sweden. These were people of all nationalities, fleeing the concentration camps and other horrors of World War II. Cameras were there that day, filming the bewildered, hopeful, and frightened faces that disembarked to be processed into new lives and freedom. Filmmaker Magnus Gertten was haunted by this footage. He used the passenger lists from that time and set out to find as many of these people—the names behind that sea of faces—as possible. EVERY FACE HAS A NAME takes us from this startling archival footage into the homes and lives of some of the men and women filmed arriving in Malmo. From the United States, where a woman recalls being sent to Auschwitz as an American spy, to Norway, where we hear the story of Norwegian resistance fighters, they see for the first time this footage of their liberation and share the horrifying and powerful tales of survival that led up to it. (In English, Swedish, and Polish with subtitles) –C.R.

CIFF40 Screenings

Sunday, April 03, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Monday, April 04, 2016 at 2:15 PM

Jewish and Israeli Visions

Greg Gund Memorial Standing Up Competition

Magnus Gertten

Magnus Gertten was born in 1953, in Malmo, Sweden. An awarding winning documentary filmmaker, he writes, films, produces, and directs.

"Bladarar" (1998), "Vagen Tillbaka-Bladarar 2" (2002), "Ga Loss" (2004), "Rolling Like A Stone" (2005), "Long Distance Love" (2009), "Hoppets Hamm" (2011), "Tusen Bitar" (2014), EVERY FACE HAS A NAME (2015)

Lennart Ström, Magnus Gertten

Jesper Osmund

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Community Partners

Consulate of Sweden Cleveland Ohio

Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

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