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Why Me?
(De Ce Eu?)

Year: 2015
Run Time: 130 minutes

Why Me?
Why Me?
Why Me?

WHY ME? is a fictionalized account of Romanian prosecutor, Christian Panait, whose real-life story earned heavy media coverage following his suicide in 2002. In the film, his last name has been changed to Panduru; however, the structure of the events remains mostly intact, with some minor tweaks. As a rookie on the job, Christian was eager to snag an important case. There's no doubt he got what he wanted, but the complicated circumstances surrounding it were likely not part of his wish. The case he was given involved corruption charges against one of his senior colleagues. Christian felt immense pressure from his peers to go lightly on one of their own. When he pushed against their demands, he found himself in a dangerous situation. A vicious smear campaign emerged against him, questioning his sanity and erupting into a full-blown conspiracy. Tudor Giurgiu's brilliant adaptation is masterfully shot and extremely well-acted. Though Christian's fate may already be known to some, Giurgiu's thriller is seething with suspense. In the end, the film will leave you with one very important question: What is the truth worth? (In English and Romanian with subtitles) –E.F.

CIFF40 Screenings

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 at 9:20 PM

Wednesday, April 06, 2016 at 4:10 PM

George Gund III Memorial Central and Eastern European Competition

Tudor Giurgiu

Tudor Giurgiu is a producer/director from Romania who served as the President of TVR, Romania's public television network, from 2005 to 2007. He currently runs a production company called LibraFilm.

"Love Sick" (2006), "Of Snails And Men" (2012), WHY ME? (2015)

Oana Giurgiu

Loredana Novak, Tudor Giurgiu

Marius Panduru

Lemhényi Réka

Principal Cast
Emilian Oprea, Mihai Constantin, Andreea Vasile, Dan Condurache, Liviu Pintileasa

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