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6 Weeks to Mother's Day

Year: 2017
Language: Thai
Run Time: 92 minutes

6 Weeks to Mother's Day
6 Weeks to Mother's Day
6 Weeks to Mother's Day
6 Weeks to Mother's Day
6 Weeks to Mother's Day

Located in a remote jungle in Thailand, Children’s Village is home to over 150 students. Whether victims of poverty, neglect, or abandonment, these children are given a chance (free of charge) to succeed at this incredibly progressive democratic school. They are taught about self-love, empowerment, and acceptance. Students vote on what they want to learn, creating an environment of equals, where teachers act as guides. Children’s Village was founded by Rajani Dhongchai in 1979. She is also the principal, personally involved with the life of each child. Director Marvin Blunte goes inside the school as students prepare to honor Dhongchai on Mother’s Day. Each class prepares gifts, ranging from artwork to choreographed dance numbers. Their love for her is abundantly clear. For many, she is the only parent they’ve ever known. When the rest of the world gave up on them, she took them in. Their beautiful tributes will bring tears to your eyes. 6 WEEKS TO MOTHER’S DAY is moving and inspiring, profiling the extraordinary work of a truly selfless educator. (In Thai with subtitles) —E.F.

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Marvin Blunte

Marvin Blunte has directed several television episodes for Miami Ink, New York Ink, Meteorite Men, and Construction Intervention for History, Discovery, and TLC networks. In his spare time, Blunte works as webmaster for The Center for The Protection of Children's Rights (, a Thai-based shelter for sexually abused children. Marvin He also runs, a blog to help prospective international volunteers find free and responsible placements around the globe.


Ladawan Sondak, Marvin Blunte

Marvin Blunte

Joseph Chiodo, Christina Cervantes, Marvin Blunte

Marvin Blunte

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