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Alaska is a Drag

Year: 2017
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 89 minutes

Alaska is a Drag
Alaska is a Drag
Alaska is a Drag
Alaska is a Drag

What is the distance between fish-guts and Fabulous? Whatever it is, Leo has to travel it and the road is a mess. Leo is an aspiring drag performer who lives and works in a small Alaskan cannery town where tolerance is sparse and life is a daily battle. Leo’s mother left them, his father is a closeted preacher in his own church, his sister is fighting cancer, and his co-workers launch daily assaults against him for being gay. But Leo is a fighter. Literally. His boss sees his skills and begins training Leo as a boxer. Enter two more complications: his dreamy sparring partner Declan and his first boxing match landing on the same day as a crucial drag competition. ALASKA IS A DRAG is the championship fight between the world and Leo, a charming and ferocious hybrid of Ru Paul and Rocky Balboa. If anyone can tie up this trauma in a bow, kick some ass, and look glamorous doing it, put your money on Leo. —C.R.

CIFF42 Screenings

Saturday, April 07, 2018 at 7:35 PM

Sunday, April 08, 2018 at 11:05 AM

10% Cinema

American Independents Competition
Reel Women Direct Award for Excellence in Directing by a Woman

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Shaz Bennett

Shaz Bennett was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah where she studied acting at the University of Utah. On her way to becoming a writer and director, Bennett worked in a fish cannery, bartended at a mafia bar, and worked as a film programmer at Sundance, LA Film Festival, and AFI FEST. Her films and performance pieces have been presented in festivals, theaters, and museums all over the world.

Filmography: ALASKA IS A DRAG (2017)


Jean-Pierre Caner, Shaz Bennett, Melanie Miller, Diane Becker

Shaz Bennett

Alison Kelly

Jean-Pierre Caner, Lex Benedict, Brooke Sebold

Principal Cast
Martin L. Washington Jr, Maya Washington, Matt Dallas, Christopher O'Shea, Margaret Cho, Jason Scott Lee, Kevin Daniels, Nia Peeples, John Fleck, Adam Tomei

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