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Ana, Mon Amour


Year: 2017
Run Time: 127 minutes

Ana, Mon Amour
Ana, Mon Amour
Ana, Mon Amour
Ana, Mon Amour

Toma and Ana, two young graduate students, quickly fall in love upon meeting. However, theirs is not your average lighthearted love story. Ana’s tendency for debilitating panic attacks leaves her entirely dependent on Toma almost immediately. The relationship becomes increasingly intense as he isolates himself to care for her, taking her to doctor visits and paying her bills. As their attachment to one another grows, deeper issues emerge. ANA, MON AMOUR chronicles the different phases of Toma’s and Ana’s codependent relationship, up until its ultimate demise. The nonlinear narrative creates a cinematic puzzle for the viewer to piece together. As events unfold, it becomes less clear whether the biggest issue in their partnership is Ana’s unstable mental state or Toma’s desire to control her. Unlike many movies about tumultuous love, ANA, MON AMOUR does not romanticize the experience, but instead portrays its raw, imperfect form. (In Romanian with subtitles) —G.S.

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George Gund III Memorial Central and Eastern European Competition


Călin Peter Netzer

Călin Peter Netzer was born in 1975 in Petrosani, Romania. He graduated from the National University of Theatre and Film I.L. Caragiale in Bucharest with a diploma in film direction. Netzer has gone on to direct a variety of short and feature films.

Maria (2003), Medal of Honor (2009), Child's Pose (2013), ANA, MON AMOUR (2017)

Călin Peter Netzer, Oana Iancu

Călin Peter Netzer, Cezar Paul Badescu

Andrei Butica

Dana Bunescu

Principal Cast
Mircea Postelnicu, Diana Cavalioti, Adrian Titieni, Vasile Muraru

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