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Burkinabè Rising - The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso

Year: 2017
Language: French
Run Time: 72 minutes

Burkinabè Rising - The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso
Burkinabè Rising - The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso
Burkinabè Rising - The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a small landlocked country in West Africa whose literal name translates to “the land of upright men.” Despite the country’s history of political, social, and economic crisis, Burkina Faso is on the rise. The growth the country has experienced in recent years is largely due to the grassroots efforts of artists, ecologists, and activists, who have come together to tell their stories and create change. The Burkinabè are a resilient and united people of many different tribes and backgrounds, with a rich and dynamic culture. The people have used numerous forms of art as outlets for self-expression and peaceful protest, both in times of hardship and celebration. BURKINABÈ RISING is an uplifting documentary that explores the multitudes of artists who make up the incredible nonviolent resistance movement in Burkina Faso. Bright and moving, this film will inspire you to make a creative difference, wherever you are in the world. (In French with subtitles) —G.S.

CIFF42 Screenings

Saturday, April 07, 2018 at 5:40 PM

Sunday, April 08, 2018 at 1:20 PM

African Diaspora
Film Is Art

Reel Women Direct Award for Excellence in Directing by a Woman
Greg Gund Memorial Standing Up Competition


Iara Lee

Iara Lee is a Brazilian film producer, director, and activist of Korean descent. She was born in Ponta Grossa, Brazil in 1966. As the founder of the Cultures of Resistance Network Foundation she works to promote global solidarity through creative resistance and nonviolent action.

Synthetic Pleasures (1995) – CIFF20, Modulations (1998) – CIFF23, Cultures of Resistance (2010) – CIFF34, The Suffering Grasses: When Elephants Fight, It Is the Grass That Suffers (2012) – CIFF37, K2 and the Invisible Footmen (2015), Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara (2015), BURKINABE RISING: THE ART OF RESISTANCE IN BURKINA-FASO (2017)

Iara Lee

Yeray Martin Perdomo

Dimo Petkov

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This film is presented with the generous support of JO and MARK GOREN.

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Cleveland Council on World Affairs

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