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Year: 2017
Country: FRANCE, USA
Run Time: 81 minutes


In Chagrin Falls, Ohio, a 15-year-old girl realized the person in the mirror was not the person she truly was. This is the intimate story of her emotional and physical journey into manhood, using the transitional name of Coby. This frank and unflinching film follows him throughout his transformation, not just focusing on the intense conflicts he faces with his own family, but also on the very difficult struggles taking place within. Now working as a paramedic for University Hospitals and in a committed relationship, Coby has established much of the emotional and physical manifestations of being male. The final surgical phase is yet to be completed. COBY takes us to that critical moment and allows us to share the journey that everyone in his life has taken with him, step-by-step, whether they agreed with it or not. This is a truly inspiring documentary about individual courage and family support—and the long and sometimes painful voyage it takes to arrive at acceptance. —C.R.

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Christian Sonderegger

Christian Sonderegger was born in Strasburg, France in 1967. He studied cinematography at the famous Ecole Nationale Supéieure Louis Lumière film school in Paris. In 1998 he founded the production company Ciaofilm, through which he has created commercials, shorts, documentaries, and narrative features.

COBY (2017)

Moïra Chappedelaine-Vautier

Christian Sonderegger

Georgi Lazarevski

Camille Toubkis

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LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

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