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Year: 2017
Run Time: 102 minutes


As a young girl, Edie was an adventurous free spirit, spending most of her time exploring the outdoors with her father. She envisioned herself living a life full of experiences… but everything changed when she married George. Even before his blood clot, George’s controlling and abusive behavior prevented Edie from living her life. After the clot, when he could no longer walk or speak, Edie sacrificed everything to care for him until his death. Now at 84 years old, full of regret and longing, Edie strives to reclaim her independence. Inspired by the memories of her father, she ventures into the Scottish Highlands to climb Mount Suilven on her own, making herself vulnerable in pursuit of her dreams. As she navigates the difficulties and dangers that come with attempting such a feat, Edie will discover just how strong she really is. A memorable and refreshing story, EDIE moves far beyond the stereotypes and caricatures that often plague older characters. Brave and beautiful Edie authenticates the idea that it is never too late to be true to yourself. —G.S.

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Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter was born in 1969 in Leicester, England. After graduating from film school in 1993, Hunter went on to write and direct multiple short, commercial, and feature films. Hunter has been a leading advocate for digital filmmaking and regularly lectures on the subject. He is currently based in Berlin.

Lighthouse (1999), Mutant Chronicles (2008), EDIE (2017)

Mark Stothert

Elizabeth O'Halloran

August Jakobsson Íks

Olly Stothert

Principal Cast
Sheila Hancock, Kevin Guthrie

Print Source

This film is presented with the generous support of PAM CERIO DESIGN. (Pam is a proud member of the Cleveland Hiking Club)

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Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Cleveland Hiking Club

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Women's Journal

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