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Freedom for the Wolf


Year: 2017
Country: GERMANY
Run Time: 91 minutes

Freedom for the Wolf
Freedom for the Wolf
Freedom for the Wolf
Freedom for the Wolf

What do freedom and democracy look like in the 21st century, and why are people fighting for it? Exploring these two pressing questions—and examining the moral and physical conflicts that arise as a result—is the aim of this documentary. To find answers, FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF focuses on places with “illiberal democracies,” or regimes where elected leaders ignore the will of the people and use their power to erode human rights or suppress marginalized groups. Post-revolution Tunisia struggles with illusory freedom that causes religious and economic oppression; Hong Kong’s democracy-supporting Umbrella Movement has nuanced clashes with a pro-China faction; frustrated activists fight a decades-old crackdown on dancing in Japan; and modern Americans delve into the complexities of race relations and the country’s political divide. With its mix of political perspectives and voices, as well as commentary from experts, FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF aims to provide insights and solutions. The conclusions end up a thorough (if somber) look at the complicated manifestations of freedom. (In English, Mandarin, and Arabic with subtitles) —A.Z.

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African Diaspora
Pan-Asian Cinema
Race Relations
Voices of the Arab World

Greg Gund Memorial Standing Up Competition


Rupert Russell

Rupert Russell started his career in academia, receiving a Double-Starred First from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. from Harvard University, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. He continues to write essays and has been published in The Independent,, Paper Magazine, Dazed and Confused, and The Huffington Post.


Patrick Hamm, Camilla Hall

Rupert Russell, Patrick Hamm

Bobby Good, Rupert Russell, Anthony Stadler

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