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HAZE, It's Complicated...


Year: 2018
Run Time: 70 minutes

HAZE, It's Complicated...
HAZE, It's Complicated...
HAZE, It's Complicated...
HAZE, It's Complicated...
HAZE, It's Complicated...


Palm oil farming has taken over many parts of Southeast Asia. It’s raking in billions, and while locals don’t see the bulk of that money, most of them are happy with the income it brings in. That’s mainly because, before the palm oil boom, they were struggling to make ends meet in the declining rubber industry. But as the title of this documentary points out, the topic is extremely complex. Much of the region sits on peat, a dense, carbon-heavy substance made of organic matter and dead vegetation. In order to clear land for palm oil crops, many companies and farmers resort to the inexpensive option of setting fires. This method is extremely bad for the environment, contributing to a high percentage of carbon emissions. Because peatlands are dry and flammable, these fires spread quickly and are only contained by heavy rains. HAZE, IT’S COMPLICATED... does a terrific job of explaining the intricate science behind palm oil farming. Furthermore, it offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who are impacted—both positively and negatively–by its emerging presence. (In English, Malay, and Indonesian with subtitles) —E.F.

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Isaac Kerlow

Isaac Kerlow is a director and animator with years of development and production experience, including over a decade at The Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles, California. He creates films and art projects working with interdisciplinary teams at the Earth Observatory of Singapore and is a long-time active member of SIGGRAPH and the Visual Effects Society.

Mayon: The Volcano Princess (2010), Time Rojak (2015), The Tsunami of New Dreams (2015), People of the Forest: Orang Rimba (2017), HAZE, IT'S COMPLICATED... (2018)

Isaac Kerlow

Isaac Kerlow

Nelson Yeo, Linh Duong, Isaac Kerlow, Tan Wenkai, Alexander Hotz, Colin Harvey

Isaac Kerlow

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