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Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle
(Muchos Hijos, un Mono y un Castillo)


Year: 2017
Country: Spain
Run Time: 91 minutes

Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle
Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle
Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle
Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle

As a young woman, Julita Salmerón made three wishes: to have a lot of kids; to own a monkey; and to live in a castle. Through the course of her fascinating life, all three of these wishes came true. Not only did she have six children and buy a monkey from an ad in a magazine, but she also moved into a castle… a real-life castle with knights in shining armor and giant paintings on the walls. Julita made the castle into her own magical sanctuary, filling it with art and keepsakes and animals of all kinds. Unbelievably, this is not a story of fiction, but an intimate documentary filmed over the course of 14 years by Julita’s son, Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón. Capturing Julita’s eccentric nature and whimsical spirit through her highs and lows, LOTS OF KIDS, A MONKEY, AND A CASTLE is an affectionate homage to one of the most enchanting people you will ever encounter. (In Spanish with subtitles) —G.S.

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Gustavo Salmerón

Gustavo Salmerón was born in Madrid in 1970. He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid, as well as several other schools, before gaining success as an actor in Spain. In 2002 his directorial debut “Desaliñada” won the Goya Award for Best Short Fiction Film.


Gustavo Salmerón

Gustavo Salmerón, Raúl de Torres, Beatriz Montañez

Gustavo Salmerón

Raúl de Torres, Dani Urdiales

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