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Manry at Sea ~ In the Wake of a Dream


Year: 2017
Country: USA
Run Time: 93 minutes

Manry at Sea ~ In the Wake of a Dream
Manry at Sea ~ In the Wake of a Dream
Manry at Sea ~ In the Wake of a Dream
Manry at Sea ~ In the Wake of a Dream


In 1965 Cleveland suburbanite Robert Manry set out to accomplish a lifelong dream of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Middle-aged and married with children, Manry thought his life had become stale. He worried he would one day regret never turning his fantasy into reality. He kept the voyage a secret from his colleagues at The Plain Dealer, where he worked as a copy editor. When they found out, they began an intense competition with their rivals—The Cleveland Press and WEWS-TV—to get to Manry first. The expedition became big news across the world, especially in England where Manry would eventually complete his mission. He was met there, and later in Cleveland, by huge crowds. The ordinary man from Willowick, Ohio had become a celebrity, a hero for following his dreams. For Manry the fanfare was nice, but completely unexpected. Though the unassuming star died in 1971, in MANRY AT SEA filmmaker Steve Wystrach has crafted a riveting documentary through revealing archival footage and enlightening interviews with Manry’s peers. —E.F.

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Steve Wystrach

Steve Wystrach is a film editor and archivist who has worked in editing and post-production for over four decades. After graduating from Northwestern University, Wystrach opened his post-production studio, Anchor Editorial, in Los Angeles, where his work has garnered international awards. He continues his work as a consultant to large film archives and is the managing archivist of the US Borax Film Archives.


Steve Wystrach

Steve Wystrach, Steve Armstrong

Robert Manry, Walter Glendenning

Steve Armstrong

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The Dave and Terri Guentzler Film

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