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Ruin Me


Year: 2017
Country: USA
Run Time: 88 minutes

Ruin Me
Ruin Me
Ruin Me
Ruin Me

Welcome to Slasher Sleepout, the 36-hour full-immersion Ultimate Horror Movie Experience. This groovy weekend is part deep-woods slasher chase, part escape room, and completely intended to totally ruin you with terror. Alex and her boyfriend join four others for the experience. They are hooded, driven to the woods, and dumped. Now the creepy (and hokey) clues appear, giving them the Sleepout narrative. Fellow horror junkie, you know from the start this won’t end well. What you don’t know is just how insane it will get. Suddenly, participants start dying gruesomely, and people who may not be part of the game are playing. And why is everything oddly centering on Alex, the only one who doesn’t watch horror films? RUIN ME takes every horror film rule we know and love and seriously messes with all of them. Because this is a game, right? None of this is happening, is it? All this blood, all these bodies, it’s just part of the fun, isn’t it? Sure. Have a nice weekend! —C.R.

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Preston DeFrancis

Preston DeFrancis was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. Preston earned a degree in electrical engineering, a minor in acting, and a self-designed film studies minor under the tutelage of Professor Lou Giannetti at Case Western Reserve University. After moving to Los Angeles, DeFrancis began his career in development at HBO/Cinemax, where he contributed to dozens of projects. He then worked as a writer on Cinemax’s acclaimed period drama Quarry and as script coordinator on Discovery Channel’s Manhunt: Unabomber.

RUIN ME (2017)

Trysta A. Bissett, Preston DeFrancis, Aaron Galligan-Stierle, David Hendleman, Rebecca G. Stone

Trysta A. Bissett, Preston DeFrancis

Jesse Eisenhardt

Trysta A. Bissett

Principal Cast
Marcienne Dwyer, Matt Dellapina, Chris Hill, Eva Hamilton, John Odom, Cameron Gordon, Sam Ashdown

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