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Year: 2017
Country: SWEDEN
Run Time: 91 minutes



Swedish rapper Silvana Imam quickly rose to fame with her blunt, uncompromising rhymes. In the span of just a year, she became a superstar. The world of hip-hop has long been male-dominated, which means she has to work even harder. Not only is she female, but also a lesbian feminist. Her politically charged anthems about destroying the patriarchy brought a whole new audience to rap. Huge crowds of young women came with fists in the air to sing along to her lyrics. The media began labeling her a hero for women and the LGBT community. The praise was nice, but the pressure of being a role model was hard to handle. She was also tired of journalists focusing only on her gender and sexuality, rather than on her musical talents. Everything started to take a toll on her mental health. But the story doesn’t end there. As you’ll see in this electrifying documentary, Silvana is a fiercely resilient badass. Every barrier put in her way gets completely obliterated. Simply put, SILVANA is the biography of your new favorite rapper. (In Swedish and Lithuanian with subtitles) —E.F.

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ReelWomenDirect Award for Excellence in Directing by a Woman
Music Movies Competition


Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, Christina Tsiobanelis

Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, and Christina Tsiobanelis are Swedish filmmakers based in Stockholm. Gustafson graduated from Akademi Valands in 2016 and has directed several short films. Kastebring studied film science at the University of Gothenburg and has extensive experience working with music videos and short documentaries. Tsiobanelis studied film science at Stockholm University and has worked in the film industry in various professions.

SILVANA (2017)

Anna Weitz, Stina Gardell

Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, Christina Tsiobanelis

Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, Christina Tsiobanelis

Charlotte Landelius

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