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Up in the Sky
(Upp i det blå)

Year: 2016
Country: SWEDEN
Run Time: 82 minutes

Up in the Sky
Up in the Sky

When young Pottan’s parents mistakenly leave her at a recycling plant—thinking it was a pony camp—she gets taken in by the employees who soon make her one of their own. After a bit, Pottan comes across the crew’s secret project: a space rocket. UP IN THE SKY is a charming tale complete with hijinks, puppets, space rockets, and robots. As the recycling crew work towards building the space rocket, the group soon finds they need help from an unlikely source. Entertaining for all ages, UP IN THE SKY lives in its world and invites the audience along for the ride. Funny and engaging, it is a visionary film that does what all great family films do: makes you want to be a kid again. (In Swedish with subtitles) —T.W.

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Petter Lennstrand

Petter Lennstrand was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1970. He trained with acclaimed director and puppeteer Michael Meschke at Marionetteatern from 1990 to 1995. He went on to develop his own technique, mixing human actors and Muppet-style puppets for children’s television shows. UP IN THE SKY won the Kids Jury Award for Best Children’s Film at the Zurich Film Festival.

UP IN THE SKY (2016)

Lars Jönsson

Petter Lennstrand, Martin Olczak

Erik Molberg Hansen

Kristin Grundström

Principal Cast
Adam Lundgren, Mira Forsell, Shelby Niavarani, Gustav Funck, Sofie Gällerspång, Joel Kullberg, Petter Lennstrand, Susanne Thorson

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