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Anthropocene: Ivory Burn

Year: 2018
Country: CANADA
Run Time: 7 minutes

Anthropocene: Ivory Burn

A VR documentary that captures the largest ivory burn in history, which took place in Nairobi National Park in April 2016. Over 100 tons of confiscated elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns (equaling between 105 to 150 million dollars) were set on fire as a call to halt all trade in ivory. Experience this deeply symbolic and visceral message to the poaching and illegal trade syndicates of the world.

Anthropocene: Ivory Burn is part of a multi-platform project that also includes the feature film ANTHROPOCENE: THE HUMAN EPOCH.

Part of the Perspectives exhibition for immersive storytelling, featuring Interactive Media, Virtual Reality, and more.

Nicholas de Pencier, Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky

Nicholas de Pencier, Nadia Tavazzani

Nicolas Jolliet, Nicholas de Pencier

Andrew Beach

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