Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

Jay Sebring...Cutting to the Truth

Year: 2019
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 94 minutes

Jay Sebring...Cutting to the Truth

Credited as having single-handedly defined male hairstyle trends and aesthetics for the 1960s, the craft and legacy of Jay Sebring somehow remains mostly unknown and largely forgotten by the general public. Having revolutionized the market for men’s haircuts, Sebring went on to become the mastermind behind some of the most iconic men’s hairstyling of the era, including Steve McQueen, Bruce Lee, Paul Newman, Warren Beatty, and Frank Sinatra. His untimely and horrific murder by the Manson family, alongside close friend Sharon Tate, has relegated him to a mere footnote in tabloids. This new documentary is a vibrantly detailed portrait of Los Angeles through the 60s, with a rich and dynamic personal archive that brings its subject to vivid life. Assembled by his nephew, Anthony DiMaria, and narrated by an array of friends and family who knew him best, JAY SEBRING… CUTTING TO THE TRUTH finally paints the story of the man’s life in full and reasserts his rightful place in Hollywood history. — R.J.T.

CIFF44 Screenings

Thursday, April 02, 2020 at 8:40 PM

Friday, April 03, 2020 at 2:05 PM

Accessibility (?)
Closed Captions: No
Audio Description: No
English Subtitles: No

Nesnadny + Schwartz Portrait Documentary Competition


Anthony DiMaria

Anthony DiMaria, Johnny Bishop, Chad Layne

Johnny Bishop

Johnny Bishop

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