Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Year: 2020
Country: GERMANY
Language: German, English
Run Time: 183 minutes

Berlin Alexanderplatz
Berlin Alexanderplatz

Based on Alfred Döblin’s iconic 1929 novel of the same name, BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ updates the great German work for the present day. As a child of immigrants himself, director Burhan Qurbani reimagines this fable of morality and acceptance through the eyes of Francis, an undocumented immigrant from West Africa who dreams of starting life anew in Berlin. Determined to stay on the right path, Francis resists the urge to return to crime for easy money until Reinhold, a charismatic wannabe drug lord, convinces him otherwise. Despite his good intentions, Francis lacks opportunity and resources, which makes breaking away from the city’s underbelly an almost Sisyphean task. Whereas love and community help him rise, money, sex, and misplaced loyalty only drag him down deeper. With its omniscient narrator and sweeping cinematography, BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ is a modern epic of Shakespearean proportions. The struggle for one man’s soul is wrapped in romance, tragedy, madness, and desire—but is his fate set in stone? Only the neon-drenched streets of Berlin seem to know. (In English, German, Soninke, and Portuguese with subtitles) — D.O.

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Black Cinema

International Narrative Competition

Burhan Qurbani

Leif Alexis, Jochen Laube, Fabian Maubach

Burhan Qurbani, Martin Behnke

Yoshi Heimrath

Philipp Thomas

Principal Cast
Welket Bungué, Albrecht Schuch, Jella Haase, Joachim Król

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