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Downstream to Kinshasa

Year: 2020
Language: Lingala, Swahili
Run Time: 90 minutes

Downstream to Kinshasa
Downstream to Kinshasa
Downstream to Kinshasa
Downstream to Kinshasa

For six days in June 2000, foreign Rwandan and Ugandan forces fought to occupy the Congolese city of Kisangani, located at the mineral-rich mouth of the Congo River. The conflict, now known as the Six-Day War of Kisangani, left more than 1,000 dead and 3,000 injured. Many innocents were maimed and left amputees by the confrontation’s heavy shelling and gunfire. Nearly 20 years later, the Congolese government has yet to provide victims of the conflict financial compensation or acknowledge the atrocities committed. Desperate and frustrated, a group of survivors organizes a trip to the nation’s capital of Kinshasa to directly plead with politicians. Despite inferior prosthetics and financial constraints, they’ll make the arduous journey down the Congo River to confront a government that’s ignored their stories and pain for far too long. DOWNSTREAM TO KINSHASA is a documentary about perseverance. The film profiles the plight of survivors while interspersing scenes of musical theatre productions based on their personal experiences. These productions help them process their trauma and empowers them to take their concerns to a national stage. (In Lingala and Swahili with subtitles) — R.R.

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Dieudo Hamadi

Quentin Laurent, Frédéric Féraud, Dieudo Hamadi

Dieudo Hamadi

Hélène Ballis, Catherine Catella

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